Sunday 30 April 2023

All Change On Logging System

Just before the end of the 2022 season I became aware of another logging system which I thought would fit very nicely into this online log book. I am always on the lookout for efficient logging systems which will record our boating trips in an interesting and easy to read format.

NEBO Logging appeared to fit the bill nicely and at the end of last season recorded our refuelling trip to try it out. I was impressed with the smart way in which it recorded and presented the trip data on a multi page PDF format document that can be embedded into the site cruising log as well as being printed out to give a traditional printed log book.

Over the winter months I used another Nebo function and that was to re-record all 2022 trips by manually entering the trip date using the Nebo Add Trip function. As we hadn't actually recorded the trips on Nebo we had to forgo the map page on the PDF document, non the less it produced some very neat log entries which we duly replaced the old 2022 entries.

The app was loaded onto the boat system tablet and a simply one button start will record your trip without further intervention, although there is plenty of opportunity to add or edit entries as you go or on completion of your trip.
Check out our first test trip here.

Monday 10 October 2022

2022 End of Season Review

Christchurch harbour entrance 
When we entered 2022 we knew that it was going to be a full on year, and not necessarily in the boating arena. Having come through the two dreadful years under CoVid control and the final relaxation of all the restrictions placed upon us 2022 was to be a year of catching up.

An early break in the New Forest was to set the ball rolling and needless to say part of that break was to be spent by the water, Annette and I were accompanied by my sister Marion and a relaxing few days were enjoyed in the tranquil New Forest and Solent setting.
Having missed not seeing friends and relatives there were trips to fulfil and these were soon arranged with visits to Sussex and Birmingham. There were of course some early river cruises fitted in plus the commencement of refurbishment work on the boat. The first of these was the planned recovering of the aft deck using a faux grey teak decking. Many days being spent stripping and sanding the deck ready to receive the new covering. This project, well planned and well executed, was a great success and looks beautiful, even this late in the year.
The new faux teak aft deck

I'm going to touch briefly on the 'Hen Night' here because although nothing to do with boating or me personally it did take up quite a large part of the early months of the year and I was, reluctantly, drawn into our granddaughters pre-wedding event in all manner of ways from T-shirt pressing to chocolate willy testing, at which point I move on.

Somewhere in amongst the above we did mange to get the boat out on a tidal run down to Cuxton and back and have a bit of a marina social event. Next main event of course was the Platinum Jubilee celebrations and many boats turned out on a Sunday morning and dressed overall formed a grand flotilla down the river from Maidstone to Allington Lock.

Then came, what was for us, the main event, we celebrated our 50th Golden Wedding anniversary with a surprise dinner and weekend stay in a beautiful hotel surrounded by our family and close friends. Some very moving moments, lots of laughter and a wonderful event. In between all these activities we were still managing the odd river cruise and period of boat refurbishment and maintenance but time was against us for any serious periods of cruising. The 'Grand Tour' of North Wales and Lancashire in early August to visit family and friends lead us smartly into another main event. This time the long awaited marriage of our granddaughter to Danny. This was originally planned to take place in Kefalonia in June 2022 but like so much else had been cancelled numerous times until rearranged home here in Kent. All I need to say on this event is 'wonderful'. 
At last September saw us able to take a break away from everything and spend some 'pamper time' together in a quiet cabin away from all the hustle and bustle, no cooking, no housework, no rush. Just good food, good entertainment and plenty to drink. 
Sharing, as we have done for 50 years

And that brings us very much to the end of the 2022 boating (or non-boating) season, or does it?

Just to round off an unbelievable, hectic, fun packed, non-stop year fate had one last deal of the cards - we both became ill with Covid in October!
Still suffering as I write this but on the mend, Annette appears to have dealt with it better than me by recovering quicker.

Now, once fully fit, we are going to refurbish all the woodwork in the wheelhouse as an autumn project.

Bring on 2023!!

Tuesday 14 September 2021

2021 End of Season Review.

So here we are well into September and only a few weeks away from lifting the boat onto the hard for a winter layover, first time she will spend the winter out of the water for six years. 

The year didn't quite turn out as planned but non the less we have had a good time and put more cruising time in than the year before (2020). Having the boat so close at hand and back in Allington we have been able to spend a considerable amount of time just being on her and carrying out all sorts of refurbishments and improvements to her greater good, a view of the maintenance logs will detail that in greater depth than here. The coming winter months will hopefully see the complete replacement of sound proofing and fire retarding of the engine bays, a major service of both engines, replacement of oils and raw water impellers and general repairs or improvements to the interior and exterior hull.

Another advantage of being back in Allington is the social side of cruising and we have been able to chat again to old friends and made a few new ones. Being able to hold a couple of social events under the old A.M.C.C (Allington Motor Cruiser Club) banner has been fun and hopefully next year we will be able to increase the number and scale of social events in the marina.

I suppose we can't write a year end review without mentioning Co-vid 19 as it's something that has dominated all our lives for so long now. What I am pleased to say is what little effect it has on the life revolving around the marina and the people in it. Life seems to have pretty much continued as always, with obviously people keeping their distance and using commonsense in all situations. With the easing of some of the restrictions placed on us in July it was then that we were able to hold the first social event in the marina. The number of people that supported the event, the fact that it ran on until well after midnight and the feed back indicated just how much people needed to let their hair down!

We managed to get quite a few short cruises in as well as a couple of longer ones and next year we hope to continue to increase our cruising time and go further afield, a few tidal weekends would be nice and maybe a couple of flotilla cruises with the marina.

Our daughter and son-in-law didn't join us at Allington, which was planned at the beginning of the season, as they decided to sell their boat. With the constant stream of visitors to the boat over the season, with the insuring river trips, it has still been a full on, fun year. 

May it continue.

Beta Log Page Format

Having become aware of a very good automatic boat log (Watch & Navy - Mariner GPS Dashboard) I am going to test different formats for future log book entries on the Cruise Log page of the on-line log book.

The benefits of using this neat little application, which runs on a mobile phone and tablet, is that it records automatic log entries at specified times which contain performance, location and weather data. The settings on the app make it usable for all manner of boating, sail or motor. Different export formats are offered to enable you to use the data or just leave it on the app.

I have already managed to link the app with our on-line log book so beta testing will continue until the end of the boating season in various different log formats. Check it out below.

App can be found here

Example data as used in our log book:

Log Entry Time: 13:37:05
date 07 Sep 2021
elapsed_distance 1.1 NM
elapsed_time 00:15:05
heading_degrees 38°
latitude 51.28935433
longitude 0.5092772
accuracy_meters 3.2 M
weather_description Few clouds
weather_temperature 29.0 °C
weather_temperature_feels_like 29.7 °C
weather_wind_speed 3.5 Kt
weather_wind_direction 127°
weather_cloudiness 13%
weather_visibility 5.4 NM
weather_humidity 53%
weather_atmospheric_pressure 1020 hPa
engine_status ON
engine_time_elapsed 00:14:59

Comment: Auto Log.

Monday 11 January 2021

Into 2021 - No Change Then.

Well here we are into 2021 and still in a lock down, only this one is a national one and as depressing as the the first one last March.

Not to be deterred we have been down to check the boat out and all is well apart from her being rather grubby, a good spring clean will sort that out come April. Looking forward to this year in a way as our daughter & son-in-law are going to join us in the marina with their boat, Spellbound, that will be fun as we introduce them to river cruising, with some tidal cruising thrown in of course.

Just need to get through the cold winter months now with a bit of walking.

Monday 26 October 2020

What A Season That Was!

It's 26th October and the 2020 boating season is about done and what a season it's NOT been.We actually can't wait until 2020 is also done for it has, for us and most of the population, been an annus horribilis.

The sum total of cruising hours has been 13.5 and covered a mere 74 nautical miles made up of 6 trips. Pretty appalling by our standards. With no end of this CoVid charade it looks like we will be restricted in our movements well into 2021 as well, hope not.

After careful thought we decided that the best place for our boat was close to home and having been denied access to her for 6 weeks+ this year we have moved her back to where our boating adventures began, Allington Marina. Delighted to say we were welcomed back by our old friends like the prodigal children. 😄 We had a good 5 years at Chatham, got tidal boating out of our system, made new friends and did new things. We of course will still cruise in the Medway estuary and visit friends but now based upriver.

Highlights of 2020, welcoming Louis our first great-grand son, oh what fun he has brought to the family. Downside, not counting lock-downs & restrictions, the sad loss of our dear friend Peter Larkin, owner of Allington Marina, who fought long and hard against the big C. Rest In Peace Peter.

Let's all hope 2021 brings better times for all.

FOOTNOTE: 4th November 2020 - into another 4 week total lock down. Will it never end?

Wednesday 27 May 2020

The Slow Recovery

So 10 weeks into lockdown and the government is slowly releasing our enforced stay within our homes.

One of the first things to be eased was that we can now travel further and more often but more important than that, we can access our boats! MDL Chatham Marina have now allowed berth holders access to vessels to check and maintain them and within a few days of that we were allowed out onto the river and sea. Oh joy! 😁

We have been to Chatham a couple of times and delighted to say all is well with the boat and she is in remarkably good condition following our enforced absence. A shakedown run has also been carried out and all is well.

As for meeting up with our families that has yet to been released but we have seen ours, from a 2 metre distance, and it was good to see them and chat. Still not able to give them all that enormous hug that we want to but that will be soon I'm sure. 

At the time of writing this it looks like the opening of shops is on the horizon, hopefully 14th June. Still a long way to go to normality, if anything even returns to normality as we know it. 

p.s One thing I have changed over the past weeks is ALL social media accounts I had have been closed. No more fake news, conspiracy theories, complaining or just plain crap. Only way to contact me now is good old phone, text or email.

Peace reigns.   

Friday 24 April 2020

Five Weeks In!

So here we are, no further forward than we were on the last post, still in lockdown, people still dying of this awful virus and still confined to the house apart from adventuring out for shopping. The country, in fact the world, has stopped!

Can't think of anymore jobs that need doing around the house but can think of a whole pile of work that will need to be done on the boat, when we are finally paroled to attend the marina. In the meantime the skeleton staff on duty there are checking on the boats and making sure all is well for our return, we hope!

I have invested in a new weather station though and replaced the old one on the shed roof at the bottom of the garden. The new one is state of the art, made in Germany and connects continuously to the web via Weathercloud server. Check it out either via the log book or direct at http://

So, to all our readers out there, stay in, stay safe and above all else stay sober. 😂😂

Sunday 5 April 2020

Day 14 of Lockdown

Although this is day 14 of official lockdown we have in fact been in this state for 3 weeks now.

To date the list of jobs completed in the house and garden is extensive, I even found a 2 stroke generator in the back of the shed which was a non-runner and I had forgotten about. Took it out into the garden, completely stripped it down, cleaned everything including carburetor jets, rebuilt and got it running on the second pull of the starter, brilliant!

Meanwhile Annette has cleaned so much of the house over & over we are now more sterile than the new temporary hospital at the Excel in London!

Regular walks are a norm now but we also searched around the house, found all the parts of our old wii games machine and found that it still worked, except that we hadn't got any hand controllers! Must have given them to the grandchildren years ago. Not to be defeated two replacements were ordered from Amazon and duly arrived a few days later. Now I can play a round of golf, go for a run in the park and pay a visit to the bowling alley in comfort and safety. 😅

The marina is closed and no-one is allowed to visit which means we haven't visited and checked the boat for a few weeks. I did ring the marina and got them to visit the boat and do a stern gland check for me which was good and Rod, our berthing neighbour, who lives unofficially on his boat also keeps an eye on her and has offered to wash it down for us.

And so this situation continues, we aren't out of the woods yet, not even sure if we are near the peak of the virus outbreak but we are coping well but boy do we need to see our family and friends and get life back to normal.

Will it ever be normal as we know it, who knows?

Sunday 29 March 2020

The Nightmare Continues

So, the clock have gone forward and we are now in British Summer Time, not that that has made any difference to the state of affairs the national, no the world, finds itself. 

With the virus gaining strength and the death toll rising looks like we will be in lockdown for some time yet. The marina is effectively closed and we are not allowed out except for food shopping or medications. A skeleton staff are still on duty and keeping an eye on the boats in marina but no one is mentioning the people that actually live on their boats within the marina. The official line is that the marina is not licenced as residential but there are a handful who use their boat as their home, we hope they are safe.

One of these people is our berthing neighbour who has told us he will keep an eye on Kevayling during our enforced isolation away. Hope anyone who is still in situ there is safe.

In the meantime the boat is ready to take to the open water, the garden at home has never loved lovelier, the house is spotless (as always) and we are finding things to do to pass the time.

Anyone reading this during the national lockdown, stay safe and mores the point STAY IN DOORS!   

Monday 16 March 2020

Best Laid Plans and all that.

Well what a start to the season, everything is ready, the boat prepared, a new on-line log book, the weather seems at last to be turning into something acceptable and along come a nasty little virus to put a damper on everything. And in this case I really mean EVERYTHING!

ConVid19, born in China and about to screw the world, more to the point our boating plans! As you all know by now this virus is in the process of changing everything we take for granted, what we do, how we associate, how we travel and more to the point how we live our daily lives with family and friends.

It would appear that the government, with our best interest at heart I'm sure, are going quarantine the over 70's for quite a long period. Not sure how that is going to turn out but at the moment it gives me 3 months to continue to enjoy life to the full, it's my 70th birthday on 22 June, one I had planned to enjoy full on but now looks like its me and the wife huddled around a cup cake (if they haven't all disappeared due to panic buying) with a glass of Prosecco watching endless news on the items on the BBC about the state of the world. 😞

In the meantime the plan is get down to the boat, get her out and enjoy the sea air, sunshine (hopefully) and the pure joy of being on the water. The best way to be quarantined in my book.

To all our family, friends and boating buddies, stay safe, keep calm and no more chinese takeaways, that'll teach them!! 😄😷

Thursday 12 March 2020

New Log Book Address

The Kevayling online log book has a new redirect address, this is

So, the log book can now be accessed via (redirected) (redirected) (redirected)

The choice is yours. 😀

Monday 2 March 2020

March 2020

Without doubt one of the windiest, wettest winters on record!

Kevayling currently sits with eight mooring ropes holding her fast to the pontoon thanks to my mooring neighbours, who live aboard their boats, and have been keeping a close eye on things in Chatham. Hopefully we will get out on the first shakedown cruise in the next few weeks, so looking forward to getting back on the water.

A few things planned service wise this spring, I have a tin of off white yacht paint which I need to slightly colour match with the saloon roof and then airbrush out a few small marks & chips. The airbrush was a Christmas present. Also going to look at the wheelhouse woodwork and give that a revamp as we did with the saloon woodwork last summer.

One thing about this winter is a low electricity bill as it's really not been the cold enough to use the engine bay heaters. Every (rain)cloud has a silver lining! 😄

Tuesday 19 November 2019

Review of 2019

Well here we are in the middle of November and just had our coldest night of this time of year, -3.5c. Kevayling is already prepared for the winter months and unlikely to be cruising again until the Spring 2020, but you never know. 😉

As far as 2019 has gone we haven't completed as many trips on Kevayling as we usually do but that doesn't mean we haven't been on the water as much. In fact we have spent a lot of time crewing other vessels or just cruising on other vessels (19 trips 288 nms), which we have got to say has been great fun, thanks to all our friends who have welcomed us aboard.

Maintenance wise we have a busy year, as couple of minor technical issues, quickly resolved, a lot of wood work undertaken in the saloon, decks recoated with a plastic coating, bilges repainted and regular servicing. Also two very nice new helm & navigator seat installed in the wheelhouse.

Looking forward to 2020 and all that it may bring. 😃

Thursday 18 April 2019

New Boat in the Family

The start of the 2019 boating season welcomes Cymantha & Stewart, our daughter and son-in-law, to the world of inshore boating.

Having spent the winter months completely overhauling their newly acquired Sealine 19 Weekender they have now secured moorings at Queenborough Harbour, down river from our home marina in Chatham. They have done an excellent job on the boat and she handles beautifully with a completely refurbished interior.

Fun days ahead as they 'learn the ropes' of inshore cruising.

Friday 15 March 2019

Improvement to Log Book

Came across a lovely little app a week on so ago called 'Blue Boat Log'. I had tried it over a year ago but it didn't fit our need or provide any additional features to the main Kevayling log book.
Now the author has been busy and produced an upgraded version of the app which is really good.
In essence it provides a track of your trip with date, distance and time data as well as an ability to add a story of your trip with photos. Embedding this into the Kevayling log it now means we can record all trips on the water in our boat or crewing someone else's.
Blue Boat Log - worth a look.