Friday 24 April 2020

Five Weeks In!

So here we are, no further forward than we were on the last post, still in lockdown, people still dying of this awful virus and still confined to the house apart from adventuring out for shopping. The country, in fact the world, has stopped!

Can't think of anymore jobs that need doing around the house but can think of a whole pile of work that will need to be done on the boat, when we are finally paroled to attend the marina. In the meantime the skeleton staff on duty there are checking on the boats and making sure all is well for our return, we hope!

I have invested in a new weather station though and replaced the old one on the shed roof at the bottom of the garden. The new one is state of the art, made in Germany and connects continuously to the web via Weathercloud server. Check it out either via the log book or direct at http://

So, to all our readers out there, stay in, stay safe and above all else stay sober. 😂😂