Tuesday 14 September 2021

Beta Log Page Format

Having become aware of a very good automatic boat log (Watch & Navy - Mariner GPS Dashboard) I am going to test different formats for future log book entries on the Cruise Log page of the on-line log book.

The benefits of using this neat little application, which runs on a mobile phone and tablet, is that it records automatic log entries at specified times which contain performance, location and weather data. The settings on the app make it usable for all manner of boating, sail or motor. Different export formats are offered to enable you to use the data or just leave it on the app.

I have already managed to link the app with our on-line log book so beta testing will continue until the end of the boating season in various different log formats. Check it out below.

App can be found here https://watchandnavy.com

Example data as used in our log book:

Log Entry Time: 13:37:05
date 07 Sep 2021
elapsed_distance 1.1 NM
elapsed_time 00:15:05
heading_degrees 38°
latitude 51.28935433
longitude 0.5092772
accuracy_meters 3.2 M
weather_description Few clouds
weather_temperature 29.0 °C
weather_temperature_feels_like 29.7 °C
weather_wind_speed 3.5 Kt
weather_wind_direction 127°
weather_cloudiness 13%
weather_visibility 5.4 NM
weather_humidity 53%
weather_atmospheric_pressure 1020 hPa
engine_status ON
engine_time_elapsed 00:14:59

Comment: Auto Log.