Sunday 29 March 2020

The Nightmare Continues

So, the clock have gone forward and we are now in British Summer Time, not that that has made any difference to the state of affairs the national, no the world, finds itself. 

With the virus gaining strength and the death toll rising looks like we will be in lockdown for some time yet. The marina is effectively closed and we are not allowed out except for food shopping or medications. A skeleton staff are still on duty and keeping an eye on the boats in marina but no one is mentioning the people that actually live on their boats within the marina. The official line is that the marina is not licenced as residential but there are a handful who use their boat as their home, we hope they are safe.

One of these people is our berthing neighbour who has told us he will keep an eye on Kevayling during our enforced isolation away. Hope anyone who is still in situ there is safe.

In the meantime the boat is ready to take to the open water, the garden at home has never loved lovelier, the house is spotless (as always) and we are finding things to do to pass the time.

Anyone reading this during the national lockdown, stay safe and mores the point STAY IN DOORS!