Wednesday 27 May 2020

The Slow Recovery

So 10 weeks into lockdown and the government is slowly releasing our enforced stay within our homes.

One of the first things to be eased was that we can now travel further and more often but more important than that, we can access our boats! MDL Chatham Marina have now allowed berth holders access to vessels to check and maintain them and within a few days of that we were allowed out onto the river and sea. Oh joy! 😁

We have been to Chatham a couple of times and delighted to say all is well with the boat and she is in remarkably good condition following our enforced absence. A shakedown run has also been carried out and all is well.

As for meeting up with our families that has yet to been released but we have seen ours, from a 2 metre distance, and it was good to see them and chat. Still not able to give them all that enormous hug that we want to but that will be soon I'm sure. 

At the time of writing this it looks like the opening of shops is on the horizon, hopefully 14th June. Still a long way to go to normality, if anything even returns to normality as we know it. 

p.s One thing I have changed over the past weeks is ALL social media accounts I had have been closed. No more fake news, conspiracy theories, complaining or just plain crap. Only way to contact me now is good old phone, text or email.

Peace reigns.