Sunday 19 October 2014

Seasons End

October is finally upon us and looks like the end of the 2014 boating season for the River Medway is coming to a close. A large amount of boats have already been lifted out for the winter lay-up and the marina is taking on it winter coat with not to much activity around. Although, at this time, the weather has taken a turn for the better the winds are picking up and the temperatures will soon begin to fall. 

With the short cruise taken on Saturday 19th October it means we have been able to use our boat for seven months this year which is good going for British weather. We have had a quiet year generally on the water and haven't cruised as far as we might have liked, being slightly restricted with the on going saga of my back issue. Seriously hope that by next year we will have got this under better control and we are able to get up the East coast and Thames again.

What we have done has of course been fun, as always, with good company when in a flotilla. 

Here's hoping for a quiet winter and better flood control on the Medway after last winters terrible floods.

Total cruise distance: 257 nm.
Total engine time:       59hr 44min

See you in the 2015 Log Book!  Click here to view 'Kevayling' log book. 

Monday 14 July 2014

Admirals Cruise 2014

On Saturday 12th July 2014 eight boats from Allington Marina formed the escort flotilla to transport two representatives of the Mayor of Maidstone down river from Allington Lock to meet up with the Admiral of the River Medway's flotilla travelling up river. Both flotillas meet at the Hawkwood Stone, which marks the boundary of the Medway between Medway and Maidstone. Having met up, saluted by firing of a canon and greeted each other, both flotillas form into the Grand Flotilla and cruise down river to Rochester for a civic reception.

On Sunday 13th July the Grand Flotilla departs from Rochester and cruises along the estuary and out into the Thames estuary, along the way dipping their ensigns at the wreck of HMS Bulwark which sunk in 1914 and collecting a commemorative pennant from the Kent Police launch as it passes each flotilla vessel. The flotilla pauses at the wreck of the USS George Montgomery for a short service via VHF radio before returning to Rochester.

The Allington boats returned to Allington Marina on Monday 14th July 2014.

Sunday 25 May 2014

Wedding Transport 24th May

Another first for Kevayling, and what an enjoyable one too. We offered to pick up Richard & Nick from Maidstone Fairmeadow and transport them by river to Allington Castle for their formal partnership ceremony and celebrations, along with one of their photographers.

Unfortunately the weather was not good as we waited for them in Maidstone, the heavens opened up and it poured with rain but as they were running a few minutes late by the time they arrived to board the rain had eased off somewhat. For the first part of their journey it was a matter of remaining under cover in the saloon and wheelhouse armed with a glass of our finest home-made wine.

As we approached Allington the sun came out and the covers went up allowing Richard & Nick to received the good wishes of river users as we passed. Kevayling turned at the Malta Inn and our passengers then safely delivered to the castle moorings for the start of their big day.

Lots of photos taken of Kevayling and our arrival at Allington Castle which we hope to get in the near future.

Saturday 17 May 2014

Warm Weekend 16/18 May

With the uplift in temperature this weekend it's definitely boating weather so we decided that on Friday we would spend the day on the boat and do a short cruise upriver, stopping off at the local riverside pub for a cooling drink. Lunch was taken in Maidstone before a trip to East Farleigh lock, where we turned and headed back to the marina. On arrival back in our berth it was time for afternoon tea and finally ending a lovely day with fish & chips on-board.

Saturday, spent a couple of hours on the boat in the marina before heading to Gatwick (by car) to collect friends from the airport.

Sunday, another really hot day and another cruise on the river, this time with our daughter and her partner. Cruised up to East Farleigh and then back to Maidstone for lunch. Joined later my 'Clevedon Princess' with our friends on board. A few glasses of wine and an ice cream later we set off back to the marina. The river as busy, which it was good to see, and the weather prefect. What more could you ask of a spring weekend.

Monday 5 May 2014

Sweeps Festival Weekend

Set off from the marina in the company of seven other Allington Motor Cruiser Club boats heading for Rochester and the annual Sweeps Festival. We all passed through Allington Lock together and had a good run down to Rochester Cruising Club where we moor up for the night. On Sunday morning, in beautiful sunny weather we walked the short walk through Rochester castle grounds to the High Street to watch the dancers and bands. Mid-afternoon saw us depart from Rochester, still as a flotilla, and head back up river to Allington. Due to the amount of traffic on the water we were held outside the lock for around half an hour before we could pass through. All returned to their moorings safely having had a brilliant weekend.

Tuesday 29 April 2014

Log Book Complete

Well I think I have finally finished the design and setup of my Boatlogger web based log book and all looks well.

I have managed to enter some links to other web pages that may be of use to anyone looking at my on-line log book, there are links to our weather station feed and tide times.

I have also managed a few work a rounds on the log book site as well, there is an issue with inserting log segments which I have overcome by setting up an insert log book where I make a new segment and then move it to the correct log book. Also I have become aware that if route distance is incorrect there is a need to check the Lat Long position in the Stop Segment item in the Events page on the log book, this has on occasions been found to be in the wrong position (?).

Looking forward to the up and coming Flotilla site.

Sunday 20 April 2014

Easter Cruise

The Easter cruise this year was to Chatham Marina, part of the historic naval dock yard. Nine boats took part in the flotilla and departed on Good Friday afternoon. Due to a delay in getting visitor boats through Allington Lock we were unable to pass under Aylesford Bridge due to the tide height and had to return to the lock and await the ebbing tide. On Easter Saturday we were to cruise out into the Medway/Thames estuary but with high winds and gathering clouds it was decided to abort the trip and remain in the marina.

Sunday, our day of return, saw very bad weather with heavy cloud cover and near constant rain fall. None the less we set off and made a safe journey back up river, with navigation lights on in the middle of the afternoon!

Arrived back in our home berth safely but wet.

Monday 31 March 2014

Shakedown Cruise

The annual shakedown cruise for those boaters who wish to run their boats down river on the tidal section to test engines and systems are all well after the winter layup. 6 boats turned out on what started as a sunny day but soon clouded over, although the weather remained warm.

A fair bit of debris seen in the water and the riverside had changed considerably since the winter floods.

None the less a good run out and a chance to warm up the engines.

Monday 17 March 2014

First Cruise of 2014

Having started the engines after the winter lay-up and with a visit to the marina by our son and grandchildren we decided to undertake a short first cruise of the season to Maidstone and back.

The weather couldn't have been better with warm sunshine and light winds and the trip felt like a summers day. On returning to the marina a picnic was had on the green by the boat and by the time it was due to go home everyone was tired (including Gramps & Nanna!) and happy that the day turned out so well.

Thursday 13 March 2014

Electronic Web Site

Well finally finished the Boat Logger electronic log book web site and have managed to work out how it all fits together. Quite happy with my results and think the pages are informative and pleasing to view.

The Ownership page has some useful records of work on the boat and also (viewable to me only) the total running cost of boating these days!

All we have to do now is get Kevayling underway and see if the wireless tablet on-board which holds the logging software actually works and sends the data to the web site. I'm hopeful that it will.

Anchors away!!

Wednesday 12 March 2014


Well after the most awful winter on record, as far as the amount of rain that has fallen, it seems that the spring has finally arrived. Those boats that wintered ashore are being prepared to be lifted back into the water, people are busy cleaning off the winter grim and most have a smile on their faces.

'Kevayling' is ready to be returned to her berth and it will feel good to feel her moving on the water once again. Once back in her berth we will continue with our spring clean on-board, all the work that needed to be completed prior to re-launch has been completed.

A New Blog - for a new season.

Well having setup a new electronic log book for 'Kevayling' one of the options is to add an on-line blog page, so here goes!

If this works out O.K that we will keep a diary of events as the boating season unfolds, if not then this is likely to be the only blog you will see.