Monday 26 October 2020

What A Season That Was!

It's 26th October and the 2020 boating season is about done and what a season it's NOT been.We actually can't wait until 2020 is also done for it has, for us and most of the population, been an annus horribilis.

The sum total of cruising hours has been 13.5 and covered a mere 74 nautical miles made up of 6 trips. Pretty appalling by our standards. With no end of this CoVid charade it looks like we will be restricted in our movements well into 2021 as well, hope not.

After careful thought we decided that the best place for our boat was close to home and having been denied access to her for 6 weeks+ this year we have moved her back to where our boating adventures began, Allington Marina. Delighted to say we were welcomed back by our old friends like the prodigal children. 😄 We had a good 5 years at Chatham, got tidal boating out of our system, made new friends and did new things. We of course will still cruise in the Medway estuary and visit friends but now based upriver.

Highlights of 2020, welcoming Louis our first great-grand son, oh what fun he has brought to the family. Downside, not counting lock-downs & restrictions, the sad loss of our dear friend Peter Larkin, owner of Allington Marina, who fought long and hard against the big C. Rest In Peace Peter.

Let's all hope 2021 brings better times for all.

FOOTNOTE: 4th November 2020 - into another 4 week total lock down. Will it never end?