Sunday 19 October 2014

Seasons End

October is finally upon us and looks like the end of the 2014 boating season for the River Medway is coming to a close. A large amount of boats have already been lifted out for the winter lay-up and the marina is taking on it winter coat with not to much activity around. Although, at this time, the weather has taken a turn for the better the winds are picking up and the temperatures will soon begin to fall. 

With the short cruise taken on Saturday 19th October it means we have been able to use our boat for seven months this year which is good going for British weather. We have had a quiet year generally on the water and haven't cruised as far as we might have liked, being slightly restricted with the on going saga of my back issue. Seriously hope that by next year we will have got this under better control and we are able to get up the East coast and Thames again.

What we have done has of course been fun, as always, with good company when in a flotilla. 

Here's hoping for a quiet winter and better flood control on the Medway after last winters terrible floods.

Total cruise distance: 257 nm.
Total engine time:       59hr 44min

See you in the 2015 Log Book!  Click here to view 'Kevayling' log book.