Monday 14 July 2014

Admirals Cruise 2014

On Saturday 12th July 2014 eight boats from Allington Marina formed the escort flotilla to transport two representatives of the Mayor of Maidstone down river from Allington Lock to meet up with the Admiral of the River Medway's flotilla travelling up river. Both flotillas meet at the Hawkwood Stone, which marks the boundary of the Medway between Medway and Maidstone. Having met up, saluted by firing of a canon and greeted each other, both flotillas form into the Grand Flotilla and cruise down river to Rochester for a civic reception.

On Sunday 13th July the Grand Flotilla departs from Rochester and cruises along the estuary and out into the Thames estuary, along the way dipping their ensigns at the wreck of HMS Bulwark which sunk in 1914 and collecting a commemorative pennant from the Kent Police launch as it passes each flotilla vessel. The flotilla pauses at the wreck of the USS George Montgomery for a short service via VHF radio before returning to Rochester.

The Allington boats returned to Allington Marina on Monday 14th July 2014.