Monday 20 August 2018

Windy Weekend

Planned social BBQ at Rochester Cruising Club this weekend and decided to take the boat around so that we could stay the night. Quite windy on Saturday when we left Chatham but moored up with no problem. Being that the wind was against the tide it made for a gently rocking boat all afternoon.

BBQ was a great success with the family joining us in the evening, plenty to eat, and drink, with good company.

During the night the wind dropped but increased about 06:00 am. By the time we had got up it was blowing quite strong once again, actually stronger than the previous day. With this in mind we decided to depart Rochester early and left at 08:34 am. With a receding tide and a stern wind we actually made the trip back to Chatham in only 23 minutes, fastest recorded yet.

Turning against the tide to enter the lock at Chatham made for a wet approach, especially for Annette out on the bow ready to moor! Entered briskly on a tight approach and settled on the port side pontoon with ease.

Moored on our home berth in Chatham bow-on as not possible to reverse in the wind.

Great Fun!